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Home Renovation or Home Remodeling

If you love your Las Vegas home but feel your design preferences have changed, a complete remodel with Dream Construction Co. can bring your dreams to life. Our contractors have decades of experience working directly with clients to achieve seamless and affordable upgrades and redesigns for your residence. To improve your home, planning a remodeling … Read more

Base Flood Elevation

In residential architecture, understanding the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is crucial, especially when planning for the most efficient house design. The Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) helps in defining the elevation a potential flood might reach. For instance, when constructing a maisonette apartment or managing 2 houses on one property, it’s essential to consider … Read more

R4 (Residential Fourth Density)

R4 Zoning R4 zoning is a crucial aspect of urban planning, particularly in cities like Ottawa and neighborhoods such as North Corona, Queens, and Arden Heights in Staten Island. This zoning category, part of the R4 family which includes R4F, R4H, R4T, R4A, R4L, R4M, and R4ZZ, allows for a higher density of housing compared … Read more

Hurricane-Proof Homes: Safety Meets Modern Living

Building a hurricane-proof house is a challenging task, but making it hurricane-resistant is a practical goal. According to Mark Buskuhl, founder and CEO of Ninebird Properties in Dallas, Texas, it’s impossible to be completely safe from the fierce nature of hurricanes. However, builders can implement measures to make a home more resilient against natural disasters. … Read more

Historic Brownstones: The Red-Hot House Type Transforming Real Estate

What Is A Brownstone? Brownstone homes have a rich history and are admired for their unique styles and charm. These buildings are primarily located in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, and other Northeastern areas. Constructed from dark, brown-colored sandstone quarried in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Maine, these row houses feature intricate ornamentation such as moldings … Read more

What is a Townhouse?

Townhouses are a versatile type of housing that have been around since the 17th-century in Europe, originally appearing in London and Paris. These multi-floor homes are designed to fit snugly in high-density urban environments, sharing one or two walls with adjacent properties. The narrow and tall silhouette of a townhouse often includes a small front … Read more

Plan Section Elevation: Design Like a Pro!

Architects use various types of drawings to convey their design ideas. Among these, plan, section, and elevation drawings are essential. A plan shows a horizontal view from above, capturing the layout of a space. Elevation drawings depict vertical views, highlighting the exterior of a building. Section drawings cut through the structure to reveal the details … Read more