Sherwin-Williams Snowbound: Paint Color Insights and Review


Faisal Nadeem

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound

When considering white walls, Sherwin-Williams Snowbound is a favorite shade among paint colors. Its creamy, crisp backdrop is clean and cozy, striking a balance between bright and not blinding. This shade has undertones of gray, giving it a cool, neutral look.

Using Snowbound in my kitchen and two other rooms, I found it to be a popular choice for its adaptability in different spaces and lighting situations. However, whites can be tricky; it’s vital to swatch and see how it works in your home.

Snowbound has an LRV of 83, meaning it reflects a high percentage of light, making rooms feel lighter. It’s perfect for trim, shiplap, and various designs, increasing its popularity. As a designer, I find it fits well with different outfits and shades.

Choosing the right color impacts your well-being and Snowbound SW 7004 simplifies this daunting task. It’s a perfect blend of versatility and elegance for any home.

What color is Snowbound?

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound (SW 7004) is a creamy white that feels airy and bright. This subtle shade of white has a light, warm undertone with a hint of gray. Imagine stepping into a snow glade; it’s like bringing that cozy, soft feel into your home.

Snowbound is perfect for creating a core look in any space. Its taupe-gray tone makes it stand out among other white shades. This hue offers a subtle elegance, transforming rooms into inviting worlds. It’s like a blank paper, ready to adapt to any style, from modern to classic.

Is Snowbound Warm or Cool?

When considering Sherwin-Williams Snowbound 7004, many people compare it to Alabaster white paint. Both shades are slightly warm and balanced between warm and cool. If I had to pick, I’d say SW Snowbound is warm but not too bright.


Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams has somewhat subtle undertones that shift slightly between creamy yellow, gray, and purple, depending on the lighting. This color is called a “cool white,” but it often looks warm. The shade can create a cozy feeling, especially in the corner where the shadow hits the rest of the space, making it appear brighter.

I painted my walls with Snowbound in my dining room, kitchen, and pantry. The visual effect is softer than the trim of Extra White SW 7006. My rooms face south and east, offering a combination of balanced light. In warmer lighting, especially from western windows, Snowbound shows its taupey purple gray undertones. I suggest using a swatch before you commit to see how it looks in your space.

Snowbound also reflects the color of furniture and decor. For instance, my pantry cabinets painted Sage SW 2860 show a touch of sage in the entry. This example highlights how Snowbound interacts with different elements, creating a unique atmosphere.

What are the Snowbound Sherwin Williams undertones?

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is a white paint with a muted gray undertone. This muted colorant can have a surprising impact, especially with its softened light gray look. The calms effect of the muted undertone reduces the stark, bright white feel.

Snowbound can be tricky due to its tendency to shift in different lighting conditions. It may reveal a tinge of taupe or yellow, appearing as an unwelcome guest. The lighting conditions and paired colors affect its muted undertones and overall category.

In my experience, Snowbound’s muted gray undertone is influenced by lighting and the colors it’s paired with. Its influence can transform the room from softened light gray to stark white. The tricky undertones need careful handling to avoid any unwelcome shifts.

LRV For Sherwin Williams Snowbound

Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams has an LRV of 83, making it one of the lighter whites but not quite as bright as some other options. It has a softness that comes from its lower LRV, meaning it reflects less light than Pure White or High Reflective White.

The light reflective value measures how light or dark a paint color appears on a scale from 0 (pure black) to 100 (pure white). Snowbound sits on the lighter side of the spectrum, offering a subtle contrast when used with trim and wall colors. This shade can create a bright, yet whiter and softer look without being overwhelming.

Where Can You Use Snowbound

Living Room Snowbound Sherwin Williams

Natural light gracefully flows into the room where Jennifer from City Farmhouse chose Snowbound for her remodel. She specifically aimed for the grayer undertones that work beautifully with the dark curtains and modern farmhouse vibe.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound Bathroom

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound paint is perfect for your bathroom. The Snowbound walls create a peaceful place for your eye to rest. Dark, moody vanities add a punch of wow to the room, enhancing the look. This trend is seen in many room examples. Noticing how each element gives balance, the dark and moody accents add character to the space.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound Kitchen Cabinets

Sarah remodeled her mid-century modern kitchen with Sherwin Williams Snowbound for the cabinets. She achieved a calm and balanced vibe in the room, using brilliant gold hardware that stands out. In this stunning remodel, the dining nook has a chic look with well-chosen paneling. The result is a beautiful space where every detail matters.

SW Snowbound Bedroom

I recently used Sherwin-Williams Snowbound in my master bedroom, inspired by Z Design at Home. The crisp, clean finish on the walls and trim created a serene backdrop. The slightly taupe undertone in Snowbound pairs beautifully with neutral tones, adding a touch of sophistication.

The creams, whites, grays, and blacks of my decor enhanced the overall look, just like in The Spoiled Home’s neutral color scheme. This color works wonders in bringing a peaceful ambiance to any bedroom.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound Trim

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is a timeless and popular white color. This classic beauty is always a top choice for trim. It works especially well to bring out the best features of your home. In fact, it’s one of the happiest choices, mainly used to create a bright and welcoming space.

Snowbound Sherwin Williams Exterior

Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams is a bright white paint perfect for exteriors. It’s designed by the Eldrige Company to bring a fresh look to any home. Snowbound works well with charcoal gray trim and roof, creating a dramatic pairing that stands out.

Using Snowbound on my house’s exterior really emphasizes the warmth and creamy feel of the paint. In comparison to other whites, Snowbound offers a unique blend that truly transforms the look of a home.


Complimentary Colors

  • Snowbound’s Versatility: Snowbound is a versatile paint color that pairs well with a wide range of hues.
  • Extra White SW 7006: For a crisp and bright look, Extra White SW 7006 is a perfect combination. This pairing highlights Snowbound’s versatility and enhances the room’s brightness.

  • Tricorn Black SW 6258: If you prefer a warm and slightly moody ambiance, Tricorn Black SW 6258 provides a true black contrast, adding drama to your space. This combination creates a striking visual effect, perfect for making a statement.
  • Agreeable Gray SW 7029: For a more classic and timeless look, Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is a warm-toned gray that pairs beautifully with Snowbound. This combination is a favorite among homeowners, offering a no-fail option for any room.
  • Colonnade Gray SW 7641: Another great pairing is Colonnade Gray SW 7641, a warm greige that provides a crisp comparison to Snowbound. This combination works well in any home, creating a harmonious and balanced look.
  • Autumn Orchid SW 9157: For those who love a touch of color, Autumn Orchid SW 9157 with its violet undertones is a unique option. This shade brings out the warm undertones in Snowbound, making it a perfect pairing for a more colorful and dynamic space.
  • Egret White SW 7570: Egret White SW 7570 is another moodier option within the same color family. It provides a bright contrast to Snowbound and works exceptionally well for kitchen cabinets. Paired with warm wood tones and antique finds, Egret White and Snowbound create a cozy and inviting space.

Colors that Coordinate with Snowbound

Snowbound is a versatile color that fits many settings. It pairs nicely with various colors due to its cool undertones. The subtle gray undertone makes it a happy choice to pair with greens and purples. In a modern or farmhouse style, Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray and Autumn Orchid are excellent coordinating colors.

For modern traditional decor, Eider White from the same paint deck strip blends well within the color family. I used Snowbound in my main bath with purple accents, creating a serene atmosphere with walls reflecting natural light from bathroom windows. Testing samples in a light-filled room highlights the importance of paint colors. Snowbound looks painted perfectly after definite testing.

What are Sherwin Williams Snowbound Coordinating Colors?

SW Snowbound is a cool white that pairs well with grays and purples. Adding black accents can enhance its elegance. However, its lack of versatility might feel limiting when making choices for secondary and accent colors. This can make selecting the right paint colors trickier.

To find the perfect match, take the opportunity to live with the paint color by using samples on your walls in different lighting situations. This helps in making a final choice that complements Snowbound.

Colors Similar to Snowbound

Snowbound Sherwin Williams Vs Other White Paint

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound is a popular choice for a grayed white that feels cozy and modern. Compared to other whites, Snowbound has a unique grayed tone, adding depth and character, making it stand out. I’ve used Snowbound in my living room, and its subtle grayed hue perfectly complements various decor styles.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Pure White

Snowbound and Pure White (SW 7005) are popular paint choices. Snowbound has a hint of gray, adding coolness, while Pure White has a faint yellow undertone for warmth. Snowbound’s brightness suits modern looks, while Pure White enhances cozy vibes. Use Snowbound for trim to make colors pop.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Snowbound and Alabaster are both super popular colors from SW. Alabaster (SW 7008) has a beige undertone which makes it a favorite for trim. Snowbound is a stronger white with a subtle nod to walls and accents. Snowbound is likely to be a favorite choice for many.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Eider White

When comparing Sherwin-Williams Snowbound to Eider White, both are popular choices for neutral tones. SW 7014 Eider White is significantly darker than Snowbound, despite the latter’s “white” name.

Snowbound is technically a light gray, while Eider White tends more towards gray with a subtle warmth. These colors often come from the same strip, showing a clear similarity but their differences make one a brighter option where light is needed and the other where a slightly darker touch stops the room from feeling too stark.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Greek Villa

Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams is a versatile white paint. Its subtle undertones create a clean, fresh look, making any room feel airy and open.

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound vs Greek Villa: Greek Villa (SW 7551) has a warmer tone compared to Snowbound. Snowbound has grayer and cooler undertones, giving it a crisp look. The choice between them can greatly influence the feel of a space. Snowbound works well with modern elements, while Greek Villa brings a cozy warmth to traditional spaces.

When considering color, think about the overall look and feel you want to achieve. Snowbound can sometimes appear yellow in certain lights, but its primary appeal is its ability to remain neutral and versatile in any room.

Final Thoughts

Is Snowbound Too White for Walls?

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound (SW 7004) has sneaky undertones that can be unpredictable. When choosing a primary neutral for your whole house color palette, be careful. Snowbound pairs well with cooler, darker shades like gray and violet. Its undertones may not be evident at first but become noticeable over time. Consider your whole house when using Snowbound on walls.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound in Real Spaces

Using SherwinWilliams Snowbound in different spaces of your house can make every room look bright and fresh. In the playroom, this paint makes a great backdrop for toys and art. Imagine a gorgeous board and batten wall in your dining room with a table that stands out perfectly.

Examples of Rooms with Sherwin Williams Snowbound Paint

Entry Area

Using Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams in your entry area creates a bright, welcoming space. The white walls can downplay any dark elements, making the area feel airy and open. This color pairs well with natural light, highlighting its strengths and providing a clean, fresh look. For a touch of contrast, consider using a charcoal gray for the trim or roof.

Kitchen and Dining Nook

In the kitchen and dining nook, Snowbound can provide a crisp, clean backdrop. This is especially effective when paired with Mindful Gray cabinets or brilliant gold hardware. The creamy undertones of Snowbound offer a calm, balanced ambience that works well with both modern and mid-century designs. Adding dark, moody accents like curtains or vanities can create a punch and bring a touch of wow to the space.

Living Room

For the living room, Snowbound serves as a clean canvas. It pairs beautifully with natural light, enhancing the room’s strengths and providing a neutral color scheme. The grayer undertones of Snowbound can complement dark furniture pieces, adding a sense of sophistication and elegance. Jennifer from City Farmhouse used Snowbound in her remodel to achieve a calm, balanced vibe.


In the bathroom, Snowbound’s bright and clean qualities make it an excellent choice. It allows the eye to rest, creating a trend-forward, modern farmhouse vibe. Pair Snowbound walls with dark, moody vanities and charcoal gray accents for a dramatic effect. The warmth of Snowbound can be enhanced with natural light and brilliant fixtures.


Using Snowbound in the bedroom can create a quiet sophistication. The taupe undertones in Snowbound make it a popular, timeless choice. In Z Design Home, Snowbound was used on the walls and trim, providing a crisp, clean backdrop that highlights the room’s features. This classic beauty works well with creams, whites, grays, and blacks.


For a mudroom, Snowbound provides a clean canvas that can handle natural light and daily wear. Sarah from Room for Tuesday used Snowbound in her remodel, creating a calm, balanced vibe. The white walls and trim offer a neutral color scheme that pairs well with shiplap, crown molding, and wainscoting.

Home Office

In a home office, Snowbound can help create a bright and productive environment. The creamy undertones provide warmth without overwhelming the space. Spoiled Home used Snowbound on the walls and trim, achieving a neutral color scheme that enhances natural light and keeps the space calm and focused.

The Best Way to Test Paint Colors on Your Walls

When deciding on a new paint color like Sherwin-Williams Snowbound, using Samplize peel-and-stick paint samples is a game-changer. These samples from major brands can be delivered right to your door. Simply peel and stick them to your wall to see how the paint looks without any mess. This method is perfect for testing different shades, ensuring you make the best choice for your space.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing Colors for Your Home

When selecting colors for your home, ensure your palette works with existing colors and natural light. Cabinet and floors should be part of the plan to create a cohesive look. A self-paced online course like Color Made Clear can guide you through steps for choosing and using colors effectively. Understand how light can change the appearance of colors and avoid a lack of harmony. Things like the overall feel of your home are crucial to consider.

Want to Paint Like a Pro?

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound is perfect for your home. When painting trim or a raised ranch, it offers a clean, new white look.

Here are a few things I learned to achieve a professional look:

  1. Use the right tools for painting. This saves hours of time.
  2. Baseboards need careful attention for a polished finish.
  3. Follow these tips to speed the process and save time:
  • Use a high-quality brush.
  • Apply even coats.

Reading these tricks and tips is worth it. I knew none of these before I started, but now I paint like a pro!


Is Snowbound a white or GREY?

SW Snowbound is a cool off-white with a touch of gray. This paint color has a cool undertone that works well when paired with other colors in your home.

What undertone is Sherwin Williams snowbound?

Sherwin-Williams Snowbound has a slight gray undertone. This makes it a versatile and cool white. It pairs well with gray-influenced colors.

In my experience, stepping into a room painted with Snowbound feels like entering a snowy glade. The actual color can vary depending on the on-screen representation.

Does Sherwin Williams Snowbound look yellow?

Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is a cool white paint color with subtle undertones. It can sometimes appear creamy or have hints of gray or purple depending on the lighting. Despite these undertones, it rarely looks yellow. This shade is versatile, working well in both warm and cool environments. In my tiny house, Snowbound reflects light beautifully, enhancing the space without unwanted yellow tones.